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FIASCOZONE #1 (download)

Welcome to the very first issue of the FIASCOZONE, a monthly comic that features a rotating collection of stories. For our first, we have BENNY, a comic about a sheep imbued with the appearance and abilities of a goat!

With a collection of rotating stories, you’ll often see something new here! But in case you like a story, that doesn’t mean it goes away forever in favor of the next one: it’ll come back in a few months or so! That way content always stays fresh, and you get to see a variety of different stories!

You can also download the whole issue to your computer by clicking the “Download” link at the top of this post!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the first issue, and hope to see you back next month! Thank you!


ALRIGHT SO this is the thing I’ve been working on for the past month or so! Fiascozone is something I wanted to attempt for a while; my problem with comics is that I love doing them, but I tend to get easily bored with ideas. So I figured, why not alternate ideas every month? That way I have fun and you all get fresh content! 

Please, give it a read, follow, and reblog! Get the word out there, I’d really appreciate it!


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