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OKAY TRYING SOMETHING NEW. A situation has come up involving school. I can’t dive into details but in short: I have some debt to pay off if I want to keep attending. 

I’ve been doing job hunting but I also want to supplement that a bit, so I need your help!

I’m opening commissions for up to EIGHT people at a time. There will be eight slots open and to call them, send me an email FIRST requesting the spot, and if it’s not taken, it’s yours. When all eight spots are filled, they won’t be open until the commission is completed and paid for. The Slots are posted here!

Like with the last round of commissions, you have to pay for them UPFRONT. I will not draw until the payment is completed. After that, you are allowed to ask to see the work at ANY POINT and ask for changes if certain things are not to your liking. (if you want to add things to the piece, you will have to pay more money, see the EXTRAS section of the info sheet for more).

In case you want to see more of my work to get a better picture, here are what I feel are some of my recent best works I’ve posted:

Sketches: 1, 2 (semi nsfw), 3

Inks: 1, 2 

Flat Colors: 1,2,3

Shaded works: 1, 2, 3

And remember: I reserve the right to deny any requests. Keep them clean, keep them interesting.

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